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    All Fitness Classes are situated in an open outside sports and health club in costa adeje Tenerife. Discover a unique sports centre perfect to train body and mind and have a pleasant experience. Outside group classes and cutting edge facilities will help you achieve all your fitness goals. The Health club is set in the most relaxing environment thanks to the sand and chill out area that give it a beach club vibe.

    Give it your all with the cool breeze, the upbeat music and great atmosphere.

  • YOGA

    Physical wellbeing is inherently associated to psychological and emotional wellbeing. You can work on your body all day and tone your muscles, but this on its own won’t make you healthy.

    What you eat, how you eat it, your job, your stress levels, your family setting and even your circle of friends can play a huge part in your overall health. They’re all valuable pieces of the complex, colourful and fascinating puzzle that make you who you are.

    The Yoga classes are located in a 5 Star Hotel on the 6th floor with fab views beside the Health club. There is x 2 classes here twice a week, 3 more classes will be situated in the accommodation complex terrace and the beach.

    If you have upgraded to private yoga sessions, these will be based in your accommodation terrace or hotel suite.


    Please note - you need to upgrade your package to include pilates.

    Types of Pilates

    - Pilates Mat

    - Pilates with Aerosling

    - Pilates with machines

    - Pilates during pregnancy

    - Pilates for Athletes

    The Pilates Private studios are located in private training area in the Health club next door to your accommodation.


    The Health Beach Club stands out for lots of reasons, but especially for wanting to get to know each and every one of their members personally. We don’t only want to hear about your fitness goals, we also want to help you achieve them.

    Workout anytime from day one in the most effective way possible with state of the art training equipment in this Fantastic outdoor and indoor gym. The gym has all the neccessary bodybuilding equipment including dumbells from 2kg-32.5kg, benches, bodybuilding machines lower and upper body, bikes, threadmills, stairmaster, bench press, cable pulley machines, powerlifting benches and much more.

    The gym is located in the Health club next door to your accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool in the gym.


    Surrounded by palm trees and with everything you might need handy, discover a true paradise to play a few games of Volleyball.

    Located in the beach health club next door to the fitness camp accommodation complex.


    Try Paddle Boarding or Kayaking in the beautiful refreshing sea anytime of the year.

    This activity is based in La Caleta. 10 Mins walk or 5 mins cycle from the main fitness camp complex in costa adeje.


    There is beautiful promenades beside the sea that go for miles along the promenade located 5 mins walk from the main fitness camp accommodation complex. This area is perfect for walking or running in playa del duque.


    On your Fitness camp you will have 1 Hike a week, with the option of a 2nd hike / catarman cruise / surfing on saturdays. We discuss as a group what everyone would like to do.

    We will have more information on your hike routes when you arrive in Tenerife.

    Tenerife is known as one of the best places in Europe for hiking.


    You have excellent swimming choices on the Fitness Camp. Our accommodation complex has a nice pool that you can swim in all year round from 8am-9pm.

    The health club also has an outdoor swimming pool you can also use located next door to your complex.

    The sea - playa del duque beach is 5 mins walk from your accommodation and is lovely for a swim all year round.


    Play the game that is everyone is talking about, probably the most fun game at the moment in Tenerife. Part of your package you get 1 hour free paddle tennis with a racquet and balls. This super fun activity is played in pairs making it a very social game with lots of fun.

    The paddle tennis courts are located in the beach club next door 30 seconds walk from our main complex.


    Rent a bike for the week from your accommodation complex at a low price, explore the area, its also a fab way to get around. Cycling in a group is also super fun and social.


    This can be an upgrade on your package that will include personal training sessions. The personal sessions are located in the Beach health club gym.